Blackened Knight Medieval Full Suit of Armor Wearable Reenactment Costume

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  • Antique Dark Knight Suit Of Armor
  • ARMOR Size – 6 FEET ( stand is NOT part of sale)
  • Great for LARP (live action role playing), cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress, theatrical props, and historical reenactments.
  • Armor is Fully Wearable and Comfortable
  • Manufactured & Sold By Decoreall Inc.
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Description provide Blackened Knight Medieval Full Suit of Armor Wear Medieval black knight suits of armor were created in order to protect the knights during battle and make them more efficient warriors. There were three types of fighting men during the middle ages known as Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. Suit of armor usually consists of the helmet breastplate & backplate, gauntlets, pauldrons (or shoulders), vambraces, couters, sabatons (foot armor), greaves (to protect shins). The close helmet was used on the field of battle, but was also popular for use in tournaments. Covers the breast and the back, however the name is sometimes used to describe the breast- and backplates together. Gloves that cover from the fingers to the forearms, These medieval pauldrons can easily suit the needs of LARP to medieval re-enactment groups. Sabaton covers the foot. This dark knight suit of armor made from 18 gauge steel Manufactured & Sold By Decoreall Inc.


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